“Thank you so much, Gwendolyn, for all you have done for our family.  Before you, I felt like all I ever did was yell and threatening in order to be heard.  Now that I am using my skills, I have saved my family and my voice!  The boys are happier, kinder, and thriving.  My husband and I are finally playing from the same playbook.  I honestly believe that you have changed our lives forever.”

-Mother of 2



“Can I just say, wow.  I was so skeptical at first, but my wife convinced me to give this a go.  You really know how to cut through the nonsense and get to the point.  Every moment of our session was valuable.  You helped us find what was most important to our family and live by those values rather than someone else’s.  Best of all, the skills are practical.  I can use them even when I’ve had a long commute after a horrible day at work and I feel better for it!  Thank you for acknowledging the challenges of being a dad and helping me support and love my kids.”

-Father of 3

“Living in the public eye can make things hard for myself and my children.  The skills that I learned have helped me get my children remain confident and strong under difficult circumstances.  Our divorce was hard on them, but you helped us get past our own issues and see how important it is for us to move forward using the same skills.  The kids are so happy.  I especially appreciate your discretion.  I highly recommend your services to anyone and love that you are making them accessible to everyone.  The Skilled Parent has made my life and my children’s lives peaceful and full of open communication.  Thank you so much.”

-Mother of 3

“I didn’t know how to talk to my daughter.  She is just like me.  My son is the easy one.  The skills I learned with Gwendolyn Jones have made it so everything doesn’t have to be a battle.  I feel heard.  More importantly, I have the confidence to be a leader in my home through kindness and being resolute.  The bribing and begging is gone thanks to the skills I have learned from The Skilled Parent.

-Mother of 2